This site is another step in your journey to peaceful. Welcome.

You might choose to work with me during this phase of your journey, but even if you don’t it’s my aim that this site will help you find some new ideas, some validation of half-hidden truths in your own life, or just one small new ‘hmmmm’ moment.

Mostly I help women shed the toxic cultural messages about the female body and the worth of women; and in helping anyone clear their path to peaceful excellence. This is always by taking your courage in both hands and plunging into the scariest place in creation: your own human heart.

Therein lies all the answers you’ll ever need, once you learn to trust yourself. The great news is that it’s all yours, and you can do whatever you want to with all of it. If you need help or encouragement, please feel free to comment on any of my posts, or drop me an email through my contact form. Or, you can sign up for a package of goodies to help you deal with body image issues, just click the link in the bright green box to the right – you’ll go over to Body Bliss Central, where I do most of my work these days :)

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy your reading.